Easily create duplicatable sales funnels or lead capture pages for free to sell or promote anything you want!

Get the optional Pro Membership to automatically duplicate your system for everyone you give it to for free.

Put your own clickable banners, videos, and other content in the back office of every free user you give it to.


Earn $10/month for every referral that joins MTN!

You can activate the memberships of your referrals.

Automatic duplication of your system for your team.
Your branding in the back office of every referral.
FREE Traffic for the first 250 Pro Members to join.
$2.15/mo. for each Pro Member in 3x7 forced matrix.
$2500 in bonuses for helping referrals build a team!




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Get The Best FREE Marketing System Online

Our revolutionary FREE marketing system allows you to create custom sales funnels, landing pages, and lead capture pages exactly how you want them to sell or promote anything you want. You don't have to be a member to use the free system, but if you join Member Traffic Network, we actually pay you to build your team. Not only for Member Traffic Network, but also for your primary business! If you become a Pro Member, everyone you give the system to will get an automatic duplicate of your system that you have customized for your business. They will also see your branding in the back office of their system. Every time they login, they will see any banner you set in your back office in the header of their back office. The banner you set is clickable to your business website. They will also see your videos in their back office. You can set one custom video every user will see as soon as they login, and another video to motivate them to become a member by paying you $10/month or joining your primary business. All you need to do is give away the free system to as many people as you can. The system will promote your primary business to everyone you give the system to daily, and pay you for everyone that becomes a member!

FREE Marketing System

  • Custom picture and video backgrounds can easily be set for your landing pages.
  • Custom banners, buttons, and videos can be set on your landing pages to make your page look exactly how you want to promote anything you want.
  • Easily import templates already built for you for quick setup, or completely build your own pages from scratch with multiple page layouts to choose from.
  • Create custom popovers with optional videos and lead capture forms that are generated on button click, a set time, or whenever someone starts to exit your page. Timed and button generated popovers can be set to redirect to any URL you want when they are closed.
  • Create custom exit popups with text that says anything you want. When people leave your page the popup will stop them and ask them to wait. You can offer them anything you want to click "Stay on this page". If they click "Stay on this page" they will be redirected to any URL you set.
  • Easily optimize your landing pages for social media. You can upload a picture, and set a title and description for your landing pages. When you post your landing page URL on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, or other social media websites, your picture, title, and description will automatically be generated, and they will be clickable to your landing page.
  • Easily enable lead capture forms that send leads to your free contact manager, or enable your forms to work with ANY autoresponder and contact management system in the world. We even include a free autoresponder that can be setup in minutes. You can quickly enable and disable lead capture forms on your landing page, second page, and popovers.



Get Paid to Build Your Team!

Join Member Traffic Network

  • Set ANY website or external landing page as the landing page for your system. You can easily change your destination URL at any time. So if your landing page is not getting you the results you desire, you can instantly change it to another landing page, website, blog, or even your Facebook page.
  • Put custom popovers on most external websites. You can create a custom popover with an optional video and lead capture form that is generated by a timer or when people start to leave your page. This custom popover can be put on most business websites, external landing pages, blogs, etc. The popover tool works by putting your external website inside an iframe on your system landing page. As long as your external website allows to be shown inside an iframe, it will display your external website and put your custom popover on it.
  • Earn $10/month or get a sign up in your business for everyone you give the system to that becomes a member. You get paid 100% monthly commissions or a signup in the business you are promoting with the system. You can easily activate the accounts of everyone you give the system to. If anyone cancels their subscription or quits your business you can deactivate their account.
  • Get pass ups from people you give the system to who don't become a member. If the person who gave you the system is not a member, it will automatically search upline for the first member it finds. That's who will get the $10/month 100% commissions or a sign up in their business when each member joins.
  • Become eligible to get the Pro Membership and join the forced matrix. You must be a member to become a Pro Member.


Member Traffic Network Pro Membership

Pro Membership

Your Own Branded System!

  • Duplicate your custom marketing system settings for everyone that you give the system to. Everyone you give the system to will get an instant duplicate of your landing page and back office. They will also be able to instantly import any changes you make with 2 clicks when they login to their back office.

  • Put your own branding in the back office of everyone you give the system to. You can set your own banner in the header that is clickable to your business website, and 2 optional banners in the footer that are clickable to any additional affiliate programs you want to promote. You can set a welcome video that everyone you gave the system to will see on the first page when they login to their back office.

  • Request crowd funding contributions from everyone you give the system to. You can set your own crowd funding description and payment URL in your back office. Everyone you give the system to will see your contribution request with a button to pay on the first page when they login to their back office.

  • Rotate up to 15 URL's to do co-op advertising with your team. You can set up to 15 URL's to be rotated on your landing page URL.

  • Your landing page will be rotated on the home pages of and As more Pro Members join, our advertising budget will continually increase to purchase more and more high quality traffic to our websites where your landing page will be rotated.

  • Click tracking is instantly added to all of your landing pages. You will be able to see how many clicks you are getting in your back office with daily reports showing you exactly where each unique click came from with their IP address and a map of their location.

  • Earn $2.15/month for every Pro Member in your entire forced matrix. Our 3 X 7 forced matrix pays $2.15/month for every member below you in it up to $7049.85/month.

  • Earn $10/month for every direct referral, and $3.15/month for every other Pro Member in your entire matrix once your direct referrals have combined to refer 250 Pro Members.

  • Earn $2500 in one time bonuses just for helping your direct referrals build their team, grow your matrix, and increase your residual income!

  • After you have filled your matrix, it will expand so you will be able to earn even more residual income!


 Yes! I want the FREE marketing system, and I want to at least look into how I can earn up to $7049.85/month just for being in the forced matrix, even if I don't recruit!


Founding Members

We want to significantly reward the people who are with us from the start and share the vision of what we are creating with Member Traffic Network.  For this reason, we are going to give the first 250 Pro Members an opportunity to receive benefits that no other future members will ever get.


FREE High Quality Traffic for Life

As soon as you have enrolled 3 Pro Members, your MTN sales funnel will be rotated on our home page with high quality PAID traffic, FREE FOR LIFE!   We will be reinvesting at least 50% of all profits after matrix payouts on targeted ads, solo ads, and other high quality traffic delivered to our home page where your sales funnel will be rotated.  As our Pro Member subscriptions increase, so will our advertising budget.  If you are one of the first 250 Pro Members and have enrolled 3 yourself, you will get your share of this paid traffic, FREE FOR LIFE!

FREE Domain Hosting for Life

When you have directly enrolled 10 Pro Members, you will get your own branded system hosted on any available domain name you choose, FREE FOR LIFE!   This is your own custom white label marketing system with your own branding in every users back office, hosted on ANY available domain you want, FREE FOR LIFE!   If you already have a domain you want to use, you can transfer it to us and we will host it for you FREE FOR LIFE!

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